Hardcore Kern Director’s Cut

Submit To Me (1986) by Richard KernVimeo

Vintage 80’s Kern film from the remastered (in HD) “Hardcore Kern Director’s Cut” compilation. Music by The Butthole Surfers.

A No-Wave erotic horror exploring the aesthetics of kink, sadism, mutilation and suicide. IMDb

Richard Kern (born 1954) is an American underground filmmaker, writer and photographer. He first came to prominence as part of the cultural explosion in the East Village of New York City in the 1980s, with erotic and experimental films like The Right Side of My Brain and Fingered, which featured personalities of the time such as Lydia LunchDavid Wojnarowicz, Sonic YouthKembra PfahlerKaren Finley and Henry Rollins. Like many of the musicians around him, Kern had a deep interest in the aesthetics of extreme sex, violence and perversion and was involved in the Cinema of Transgression movement, a term coined by Nick Zedd.

SUBMIT TO ME NOW – Richard Kern. Estados Unidos, 1987

Richard Kern’s “sequel” to Submit to Me features more mutilation and more Lydia Lunch. Set to the music of Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) and Clint Ruin, among others. mubi

Other bits: A história da imagem mais antiga da internet, O HOMEM BICENTENÁRIO, Ai-Da, a artista robô detida no Egito por espionagem

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