Bitcoin Obituaries

Bitcoin Obituaries Lists Another Crypto Eulogy, 2020 BTC Deaths in the Single Digits

Bitcoin has died 442 times

Bitcoin Obituaries – “Bitcoin is Dead” Declared 400+ Times | 99Bitcoins

Ever since Satoshi Nakamoto released the decentralized network, a number of people have doubted bitcoin and over the years some individuals have deemed the project “dead.”

The website 99 Bitcoins maintains a list of “Bitcoin Obituaries” collected over the years and so far there’s been 442 deaths in total.

The death stems from a post written by James Royal who titled the article: “Bitcoin is Worthless in Long-term.” Royal says that even Warren Buffet won’t go near the crypto asset and BTC must be a bubble.

In fact, the “Bitcoin Obituaries” list has gotten lighter over the years, as 2020 has only seen three deaths total with Royal’s piece included.

2017 saw the greatest number of bitcoin deaths with 124 that year, but it dropped to 93 in 2018. The bitcoin obituary metric then chopped in half in 2019, as last year only saw 41 deaths.