Aviso sério: seu celular corre perigo (senhas, fotos, TUDO) – Golpe do Chip

Aviso sério: seu celular corre perigo (senhas, fotos, TUDO) | Golpe do Chip. Ludoviajante

O que é o Golpe do Chip? Hackers estão aproveitando uma falha de segurança para clonar o celular das pessoas e acessar contas e senhas de banco. Conheça o golpe e 3 dicas para se proteger.

Como funciona o Golpe do Chip, também conhecido como “SIM Swap”? Em 2022, roubaram o número de celular do Ludoviajante e quase invadiram seus e-mails e contas de banco. Ele escapou por pouco. Muita gente não teve a mesma sorte. Bandidos estão aproveitando uma falha nas operadoras (Tim, Claro, Vivo) para invadir e clonar o celular das pessoas. Só de ter um chip no seu aparelho, você já está correndo risco. Nesse vídeo eu listei 3 dicas para se proteger. Espero que seja útil para alguém. Por favor, se cuidem.

A SIM swapping attack is otherwise known as SIM splitting, SIMjacking, SIM hijacking, and port-out scamming. It’s a scam that happens when fraudsters use the weakness of two-factor authentication and verification which involves the second step of the process receiving a text message or phone call to your cellphone number. Privacy Pros

SIM cards are used as storage for people’s data in Global System for Mobile (GSM) phones.

Cybercriminals begin by collecting as much personal data on you as possible. They gather information on you by sending phishing emails, using malware, researching you via social media, and utilizing the dark web.

When scammers have enough data, they speak to your mobile carrier. They impersonate you and pretend to have lost or damaged (your) SIM card.

Here’s how to protect against SIM swapping frauds.

One way to prevent SIM swapping is to learn how to protect yourself against phishing emails.

Update Your Account Security, opt for a strong password that would be almost impossible to guess and use questions and answers that only you know the answers to.

If your mobile carrier lets you choose a different passcode or PIN Code for your communications, it’s a good idea to do so for an extra dose of protection. Many companies call customers back to ensure they’re speaking to the correct person before offering access to accounts.

Use a hardware authentication device, if you want to go beyond two-factor authentication, you can choose a physical hardware device like a Yubikey, small keychains that fit your keychain and plug into your computer’s USB port to help to confirm your identity.

Authentication apps like Google authenticator and Lastpass authenticator are certainly more secure than SMS two factor. They use temporary passcodes generated by a service server and are shown only on your local device.

Even these apps suffer from security holes and poor user experience that make them confusing.

SIM swapping scams are one big reason why relying on a cellphone number isn’t the best method of confirming your identity to organizations like banks. By investing your time into extra layers of protection, you can keep your personal information, bank accounts, and identity safer. Discover more information on how to protect your phone and the data on it here.

The first sign of a SIM Swapping attack is that the SIM card loses all service, and won’t be able to receive calls, texts, or access the internet.

Call your mobile carrier and let them know that you didn’t make any changes to your SIM or account. You should also get in touch with your bank and check for transactions that aren’t yours.

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